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We understand that successful businesses are often made up of a range of skillsets across different disciplines.  Early stage, entrepreneurial and middle market companies often lack the necessary resources that a big company has access to and may setup an Advisory Board to help address this.  An experienced CFO on your Advisory Board can help to address such resourcing challenges.

As part of your Advisory Board we are a multifaceted resource which can be tapped into by the shareholders, the Board and management.  The following are examples of the types of resources we can provide as a member of your Advisory Board


  • Guidance on business plans, forecasts, cashflows and financial direction the company is undertaking

  • Guidance on mergers & acquisitions ("M&A"), capital raising and transactions the company is undertaking

  • Access to legal, financial, advisory and other business networks that we have

Call us today on 1800 UTA CFO or click here to inquire about our Advisory Board service.

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