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It is our perspective that early stage, entrepreneurial and middle market companies should have a Board of Director composition that injects knowledge, experience and expertise into the business.  The Directors role in these types of businesses should be much more than that of a figurehead who goes to a meeting once a month.  We understand the role an experienced CFO can play on a Board, the importance of oversight and overall Director responsibilities and how they should be discharged.  Given the CFO skillset often does not exist in this demographic of businesses, having access to us on your Board of Directors will be a valuable asset to your company.

As a Director we are a resource which can be tapped into by the shareholders, the Board and management.  The following are examples of the value adds we can provide as a Director:


  • A level of financial skills and sophistication which may not already exist in the business

  • Oversight and guidance on business plans, forecasts, cashflows and financial direction the company is undertaking

  • Oversight and guidance on mergers & acquisitions ("M&A"), capital raising and transactions the company is undertaking

  • Access to legal, financial, advisory and other business networks that we have

Call us today on 1800 UTA CFO or click here to inquire about our Directorship services.

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