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Transaction services is one of our specialities.  We understand there are different levels of transaction requirements and are highly adept at customizing our engagement to suit your business requirements (from narrow to broad).  Examples of transaction services we can provide are:

  • M&A Targeting - Identification of suitable acquisition or sale targets for your business

  • Due Diligence ("DD") - Evaluation of the viability of and preparation for any significant transaction you may be considering, such as an initial public offering (IPO), equity sell down or capital raising

  • Capital Raising Advisory - Assistance with equity and debt capital raising activities, including consulting with potential 3rd-party financiers about due diligence and funding agreements

  • Business Restructuring - Include activities such as assisting with post-acquisition integration plans, divesting unprofitable business segments or general restructuring to address operational inefficiencies

  • Group Structural Refinement - For businesses that have expanded globally and need to ensure alignment of group structure (e.g. tax implications, transfer pricing, OECD compliance, IP licensing and protection)

  • Complete Transaction Management – Our largest, most comprehensive service designed to suit shareholders/management looking for an internal quarterback to manage all aspects of a transaction process from start to finish. 


Call us today on 1800 UTA CFO or click here to inquire about our Transaction services.  

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