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A service we provide for our existing clients is Permanent CFO Recruitment.  While we are not professional recruiters or headhunters, and do not offer such services, we can help to ensure the right permanent CFO is recruited, to help finish and/or maintain what we’ve help you put in place.  This is a service specifically designed for existing clients that have the following attributes:   

  • Year-on-year revenue growth of 20% and turnover of > $100m - Permanent CFO required

  • After acquisition or IPO, corporate structure now has at least two of the following: $100M+ net assets, $25M+ annual revenue, 100+ employees - Permanent CFO required 

  • Fast-growing international business with a complicated group company structure and 100+ geographically dispersed employees - Permanent CFO required

The value of our recruitment service is we will be in a position to find a permanent CFO who is a perfect fit for your business.  As your acting CFO we will know your business far better than any professional recruiter could ever hope to.  We will use this intimate understanding of your business to find the best matching candidate to take the business forward.

Call us today on 1800 UTA CFO or click here to inquire about our Permanent CFO Recruitment.

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