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UTA CFO Advisory Services is focused on identifying gaps in early stage, entrepreneurial and middle market enterprises that can cause significant inefficiencies and prohibit growth.  Our value proposition spreads across a business supporting owners with a complementary skillset that enable CEOs/entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best - product development, business development/sales, and looking after their customers.

The service UTA provides is that of a high caliber, experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost of employing one.  There may also be cases where you have a less experienced CFO and want to utilize our expertise as a mentor and an additional  resource to further develop the function.

Our services are broken up in the following manner

  1. Core CFO Advisory Services – What we refer to as Build the Foundations Services includes day to day activities a high caliber CFO typically does in running the finance function and working closely with management to help support the business.  Click here to read more about our Core CFO Advisory Services

  2. Specialized Advisory Services – What we refer to as Next-Level CFO Offerings includes more customized activities outside of the day-to-day Core CFO Advisory Services. They include

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