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A truly unique offering is our Startup Advisory service.  This is specifically designed to strategically and collaboratively partner up with startup founders, in the form of an advisor, non-executive director or executive director.  As finance specialists exposed to a range of entrepreneurial businesses, we well and truly understand the DNA of Startup Founders.  It is this understanding that allows us to effectively partner and add value using our complementary skillset.  Our Startup Advisory service is specific to each individual business and its unique characteristics.  Examples of the Startup Advisory services we can provide include   

  • Business Plan Development - Developing or updating a business plan for the startup

  • Forecast Preparation - Short- and long-term forecast preparation that factor in all relevant pre- and post-revenue costs

  • Organizational Structure Development - Adoption and evolution of practical headcount and company structures

  • Funding Strategies - Targeting of investors and funding strategies for different company growth stages

Call us today on 1800 UTA CFO or click here to inquire about our Startup Advisory services.

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