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The concept of UTA CFO Advisory Services was created over several years of observation and involvement in entrepreneurial, early stage and middle market businesses.  It became highly apparent to us the existence of similar attributes or challenges often caused by lack of resources, time and skillsets and the follow-on impacts to the evolution of the businesses.  Through our intimate understanding and passion for innovative businesses, together with our expertise, we have made it our mission to help them address such challenges via fit-for-purpose solutions.

Below are some common examples of the types of challenges, followed by the business impacts we have encountered which we are central to our mission:


  • Business Plan - A lack of a true business plan that pulls everything together

  • Cashflow and Liquidity - A lack of understanding of the actual business liquidity and balance sheet position with either non-existent or poor cashflow models used 

  • Budgeting / Forecasting - A lack of a comprehensive, analytical budget and planning process, to provide management with clear achievable financial year targets

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - A lack of useful and identifiable revenue & cost metrics to accurately analyze how the business is performing

  • Financial Reporting - A set of highly detailed monthly profit & loss statements that are distributed to management without any clear and robust, analytical commentary

  • Processes and Controls - A lack of efficient business processes and in many cases a lack of oversight and controls

  • Accounting Policies - An accountant or book-keeper that maintains cash basis books, with accrual basis accounting either ignored or done annually by a service provider (ie tax agent or auditor)

  • Transparency of Numbers - An inability to provide financial reports to a 3rd party that summarize the historical and forecasted numbers as a reflection of management's business description

  • Integrity of Numbers - Inability to get through an audit process with a high quantum of adjustments to the books raised by the auditors



Stakeholder statements highlighting the impacts of the challenges:

  1. Product Profitability - I thought this product line was profitable.  The numbers the accountant is giving me might say otherwise? Should we be discontinuing this product line and putting our resources elsewhere?

  2. Working Capital Usage - Where is our cash going?  Our cash balance seems lower than I would think it is!  Are the customers paying us on time?  Is someone stealing money?

  3. Business Performance Assessment - We are missing targets by a mile!  Why is that as I thought the business was going well? Our actuals versus budgets look like 2 separate businesses! Is the business under-performing or are the targets unrealistic?

  4. Understanding of business specific KPIs - I thought our results were better than the numbers in the Profit & Loss statement? Can someone explain to me why this is the case and what these monthly Profit & Loss statements are saying.  The bottomline looks worse than I would expect to see and the report has too much detail in it for me.

  5. Monthly and Annual Run Rates Visibility - What are the monthly run rates for revenue and expenses?  I thought I knew but it seems to change all the time.  I would like to reduce our variable costs but I do not know where to start?

  6. Number Confidence - The numbers in the audited financials look way worse than our monthly accounts!  Is there a problem with the auditors as they seem to always be telling our accountant to make adjustments to the numbers

  7. Debt Financing - The bank always wastes our time and will never approve us for a line of credit.  They tell us our numbers are not transparent and never reflect how we describe the business.  This banker person is a dummy

  8. Equity Financing - This potential investor has been dragging out their due diligence process for months and keeps asking for more financial information.  Not sure what else they are looking to see given I already explained to them how great our business is and provided them with some numbers 


Recognize the challenges and build the foundations!!  It became clear to us that proactively building solid foundations was key to enable more profitability, transparency and increase your probability to execute future plans such as bringing a significant investor in, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or large capital raising, an equity sell down transaction and a profitable exit down the track.  We formed UTA CFO Advisory Services on the basis that we work closely with management and shareholders to build those foundations.  


We understand building and growing a business is not easy and often requires help in many places - UTA CFO Advisory Services was founded on the core concept of providing help in the form of a "niche" service for certain types of businesses, arming owners/directors with the required ammunition to take their business to the next level, grow transparently, do detailed analysis, make informed decisions and achieve higher returns as a result


Access to a high performing CFO who can partner with owners/directors and drive an execution plan is our way of proactively helping to build, manage and grow a business. Our mission has been built around proven financial and business fundamentals that enable an evolving business to have a strong growing path forward, access capital/investors and help in the process of bringing a great business vision to life.   

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