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UTA CFO Advisory Services is focused on identifying gaps in early stage, entrepreneurial and middle market enterprises that can cause significant inefficiencies and prohibit growth.  Our value proposition spreads across a business supporting owners with a complementary skillset that enable CEOs/entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best - product development, business development/sales, and looking after their customers.

The service UTA provides is that of a high caliber, experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost of employing one.  There may also be cases where you have a less experienced CFO and want to utilize our expertise as a mentor and an additional  resource to further develop the function.

The following is a list of standard services we are well equipped to provide as part of our Core CFO Advisory service

  • Key Performance Indicator ("KPI") Development - Identification of Key Business Metrics to Report on

  • KPI Reporting - KPI Reports on key metrics within the business

  • Budgeting / Forecasting – Working with key leaders in business to create budgets/forecasts

  • Business Plan Models – Update of short and long term business plans and models

  • Financial Reporting - Development of monthly financial reports and commentary

  • Cashflow forecasting – Transparent models showing how cash is utilized within the business

  • Business Processes - Better practice business processes (ie delegation of authorities, segregation of duties) within the operating business which are fit for purpose for small-mid size businesses

  • Banking – Help with Banking Relationship, credit applications and usage of banking products.  Assessments of current debt arrangements and future debt requirements

  • Finance Team back office restructuring – Review of existing finance team, oversight of process changes, GL/ERP system usage assessment, rewriting processes and rolling out changes.  Enabling finance to better report numbers and support the business

  • Legal oversight – Review and updating of customer contracts, employment agreements and advisory on key supplier agreements or contract negotiations required

The following is a list of other services we are well equipped to provide.  These services are highly specialized and unique to your business and fall outside of the scope of our standard Core CFO Advisory service

  • Transaction Services – From start to finish transaction advisory, assistance, targeting, marketing, execution, due diligence and overall project management

  • Startup Advisory - Service designed to partner with Startup Founders.  Developing business plans, short and long term forecasts, targeting customers/investors and funding strategies.

  • Permanent CFO Recruitment - We are not interested in becoming the full time CFO of your business.  However the ideal situation is one which we help your business grow to a point where a full time CFO is required.  At that point, we will be very well placed to source a permanent, qualified CFO to move forward with your business

  • Advisory Board Services – Specifically designed service for early stage businesses to provide the shareholders/management access to financial expertise/networks

  • Director Services – Company director and secretarial services specifically designed for an early stage business having access to an experienced CFO sitting on the Board to help guide the business plan and financial direction of the company

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